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36” Elbow Composite Wrap

Case Study Number
Repair Summary
36” Elbow
Shell & BP Refinery
Service Type
Crude oil
Line Size
36 Inch
Line Class
Design Pressure
50 BARg
Operating Pressure
10 BArg
Design Temperature
Operating Temperature
Base Material
Carbon Steel

Anomaly Description

Severe external corrosion was noted on the 36'' main crude feeder line. A wall thickness scan was done and a minimum of 3,5mm wall thickness remained on several bad spots of approximately 200mm in diameter.

The original nominal thickness was 11.5 and the minimum required design thickness was 5,0mm

Integrity Concerns

Further deterioration of the pitting corrosion could result in leaking of process which would have detrimental effects to the refinery crude oil supply due to possible equipment downtime. Furthermore, leaking process could result in major fire and environmental hazards.

36” Elbow Composite wrap

Figure 1 An illustrated view of the internal pitting

The Carbontech Solution

  • Surface Preparation achieved: SA2.5
  • Product used: Revowrap 110
  • Engineering calculations: ASME PCC2
  • Layers used: 2 layers
  • Post cured: Not required.


A successful repair was implemented that will allow the elbow section to remain in service for the next 20 years. The elbow was further painted with a UV protection to protect it from natural elements. The repair was completed in 2 days including prepping and installation.

Figure2: The completed laminate repair solution.

 Figure 3: Contractor: Beruseal Pty Ltd
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