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Carbontech; The place chemistry, engineering and global expertise are brought together to drive progressive innovation in advanced composite technologies for the emergency repair of critical assets “There is nothing generic about us” we don’t just sell pipe wraps; we provide accurate engineering backing to deliver tailored solutions. Sound and Responsible engineering is the basis on which we build our company, products and services. It is the core to our success and it is the foundation on which we have engineered and manufacture our innovative and bespoke products.

Shaun has been working within the global Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry for nearly 30 years. His experience of developing pipeline rehabilitation technologies includes business development and project management functions where he has introduced and established composite repair services into various markets around the globe. 

For the previous eleven years, he has mostly been providing pipeline composite repairs throughout the Middle East and with numerous repair systems. He has established many local partnerships by developing sales, commercial and technical ability having trained and established many partnerships so that they are able to provide a composite repair service into their own local markets.

He undertaken numerous projects providing essential composite repair services to numerous IOC and NOC’s to ARAMCO, SABIC, BAPCO, ADNOC, PDO, ORPIC, BGC, Oxy, BP, Shell and XoM among many others.

No project is too small and Shaun prides himself on developing long-term relationships by delivering a quality service through effective communication and an understanding of client needs.  

He has a Diploma in Business Management and an MSc in Project Management from the University of Liverpool.

Carbontech International (FZE)
Shaun Ahern
Managing Director UK and Carbontech International
Carbontech International (FZE)


  • Composite Engineering, Design, Training, and Certification
  • Composite Field Services
  • Composite Sales

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Carbontech International (FZE)
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  • Astron Energy
  • Sapref
    Ghana Gas
  • Egoli Gas

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The place where chemistry, engineering and global expertise are brought together to drive progressive innovation in advanced composite technologies.
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