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Our unique spin in comparison to our international competitors, CARBONTECH is established in the target market region with the ability to provide an expert and an on-the ground “local” service. We can offer a one-stop-shop approach to bespoke pipe repair solutions. Our maintenance, repair and modification services are tailored to help optimize the performance of major oil and gas assets. We combine our front-end thinking and a problem-solving approach to innovation, with an unrivalled range of services and skills. We bring these together to provide you with a complete integrated asset integrity assurance offering. CARBONTECH provides competitive prices for high quality/superior products to rival established competitors. Similarly, CARBONTECH will provide a vastly expert local service and build on relationship and trust of the local market, well beyond the reach of the competition.

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Management Portfolio

Over 30 years‘ experience of corrosion prevention and composite repair systems. Project development within EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa). Pioneer skills in the field of corrosion treatment and prevention. Current area of activity: Europe, Eurasia and Northern Africa.

Europe and Central Asia
Goos Helder
Business Owner Carbon Tech Europe BV
Goos is Proficient in: English, German and native Dutch.
Europe and Central Asia


  • The supply of engineered composite repair systems for compromised piping
  • Revowrap® training
  • Revowrap® Installations
  • Online leak sealing services and products
  • Online leak sealing training
  • Industry Contributions
  • Literary contributions
  • Industry pioneering contributions

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Carbontech Europe BV
+31 6 2347 6562
Vuren, Netherlands

Our products are being used globally

Our Clients

  • Astron Energy
  • Sapref
    Ghana Gas
  • Egoli Gas

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The place where chemistry, engineering and global expertise are brought together to drive progressive innovation in advanced composite technologies.
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