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About Us

Carbontech; The place where chemistry, engineering and global expertise are brought together to drive progressive innovation in advanced composite technologies for the emergency repair of critical assets “There is nothing generic about us” we don’t just sell pipe wraps; we provide accurate engineering backing to deliver tailored solutions. Sound and Responsible engineering is the basis on which we build our company, products and services. It is the core to our success and it is the foundation on which we have engineered and manufacture our innovative and bespoke products


We strive by a zero-failure philosophy and warrant our engineered composite solutions are tested, proven and validated. We vow to provide dependable, responsible and accurate information regarding the capabilities of our systems.

Why Carbontech

  • Be supported by a highly qualified Team: 24/7 Engineering and Technical Support by Qualified Engineers globally.
  • Tailored customer support
  • Competitive superior Products
  • Impressive product range
  • Global innovative team that deliver groundbreaking world class products into the market
  • The brand that understands and exemplifies customer care

Core Competencies

  • Manufacturing and supply and installations of various composite rehabilitation systems for the Industrial sectors
  • Products compliant to ASME PCC2 and ISO TS 24817 and Designs supplied in accordance with ASME PCC2 and ISO TS 24817
  • Inhouse Design and engineering department with FEA capabilities
  • Product Development and Testing facilities
  • Engineering and Technical support
  • Training Programs on Composite repair systems
South Africa
Michel Pieterse
CEO – Carbontech global operations
Proficient in Afrikaans and English
Intermediate in Russian
South Africa

Manoli Coumbias

Group CFO


  • OEM for various engineered Revowrap® composite systems
  • Revowrap® distribution
  • Revowrap® Training
  • Revowrap® Engineering training
  • Revowrap® Train the trainer courses
  • Mock up testing and custom R&D for our clients
  • Composites laboratory

Contact Us

Carbontech Composite Systems
+27 (0) 10 446 6866
358 Politician Street, Northlands Business Park, Hoogland, Randburg, 2162

Our products are being used globally

Our Clients

  • Astron Energy
  • Sapref
    Ghana Gas
  • Egoli Gas

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The place where chemistry, engineering and global expertise are brought together to drive progressive innovation in advanced composite technologies.
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