How It Works

  • 1 End user/Distributor will provide Carbontech with an engineering assessment of the problem to determine factors such as substrate material, wall loss, operating/design temperature, pressure ranges and environment exposure and conditions.
  • 2 Carbontech engineers analyse the input data and provides engineering, calculations and repair recommendations.
  • 3 All engineering calculations is signed off by a Carbontech PR. eng. (Professional Engineer)
  • 4 The relevant Kits/materials are provided with serial numbers which correlates to the Design calculations and batch numbers of the relevant resins systems within the repair kit.
  • 5 Installation is performed by the trained distributor installers or trained end user installers.
  • 6 Quality control form is provided back to Carbontech for guarantee purposes.
  • 7 Carbontech provides engineering support to both the distributor and end user. Site visits of Carbontech engineers are common to support our clients.

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