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Spitze HP Clamp

Emergency Online leak repair system!


The Spitze HP clamp is engineered and manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Div 1 for the temporary repair of live high-pressure leaks without having to shut down or isolate the system. The low-profile standoff height of the clamp is intended for a composite overwrap using any of the Revowrap systems for long terms repairs. The Spitze HP clamp is resistant to the harsh chemical environment prevalent in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

The Spitze HP clamp is engineered to operate in working temperatures from -60°C to 380°C and has a pressure rating of up to 200 Bar with a maximum application pressure of 150Bar. Please refer to the maximum and minimum service temperatures of the various Spitze bungs as illustrated in the SPITZE BUNG column below. The installation of the Spitze HP clamp is non-invasive and may be applied to live piping systems without shutting down for the repair on hole sizes up to 25mm Diameter. Spitze HP clamp may be applied to piping sizes up to 56”, and may be installed on most substrates and is suitable for Subsea application.

Spitze HP Clamp Front View
Spitze HP Clamp Front Side View
Spitze HP Clamp Back View
Spitze HP Clamp Side View

Spitze HP Clamp

Maximum Application Temperature
Refer to SPITZE Bung Product Sheet
Maximum Design Temperature
Maximum Design Pressure
Maximum Application Pressure
Standard Size Range
¾" - 56"

How it Works

The client will provide Carbontech engineering with the anomaly description in the form of an engineering assessment form

Carbontech Engineers provide design calculations and repair recommendations in accordance to ASME Pcc2 and/or ISO-TS-24817 which is signed off by our internal PR engineers.

Materials are supplied project specific or in kit form

Installation and quality control are performed by trained distributors, contractors or asset owners

Quality control documentation is returned to Carbontech engineering for quality assurance and guarantee motivation

Features & Advantages

  • Fast, Non-invasive repair - does not require hot work
  • Repairs done live – no unplanned downtime
  • Can Handle complex geometries
  • Resistant to Harsh chemicals


  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Sub Sea


  • Pinholes
  • Illegal Hot Taps
  • Through Wall Corrosion
  • Weld Anomalies

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